Saturday, June 11, 2005

Half Yearly Report, Part 1

Nathan Buckley
Nathan must listen more to the team nurse. If his leg hurts he should go straight to the sickbay. Unfortunately his insolence affected the whole team when he had to have a nasty operation.

Scott Burns
As one of the older prefects, Scotty must learn to set a good example to the kiddies in the team. Only three best on grounds is not good enough. Must try harder or Mr Malthouse promises more canings.

Blake Caracella
Already a popular class member, Blake has fit in well into his new school. Good hygiene and straight kicking has ensured a high pass for the first half of the year.

James Clement
As fill-in School Captain, Master Clement has been a master of the unforgiving art of playing down back. Excellent work, James!

Cameron Cloke
Cameron is coping fairly well with the dominance of his younger brother. He's matured since last year's tongue incident.

Jason Cloke
Jason, however is struggling to come to terms with being known as the dud Cloke. Don't worry, some of the older teachers remember his efforts in playing loose, down back, way back in 2002. How far back? Have you got a car?

Travis Cloke
His marks do the talking. Kicking A+, Marking A, Contesting A+, Presence A+, Goal kicking A+, Hygiene B-.

Richard Cole
Richard is still in detention from his ANZAC Day non performance..

Tom Davidson
Will Tommy please return to class immediately?

Leon Davis
Dear Mr and Mrs Davis. Since our parent teacher evening a couple of years back, i have always been fair o your son. We'll keep it a that, okay.

Alan Didak
Alan's marks are improving each week. We're glad he's enjoying his after school tuition with Mr Daicos.

Chris Egan
Chris is a popular member of class. That's all.

Josh Fraser
While he sets a top example to the younger children, Josh is struggling to keep up with the set work. His form should improve.

Brodie Holland
Brodie's not as easily distracted as previous. While he still annoys the poo-bits out of the opposition, he is managing to get more of the footy and is doing a whole lot more with it.

Adam Iacobucci
I met John Box, the bloke who wrote The Age jingle with Iacobucci and Presti's names in it. He also wrote the Hard Yakka jingle. Now, that's a song.

Ben Johnson
Benny's season hasn't been as spectacular as last year. Solid, nonetheless.

David King
Rhymes with...

Paul Licuria
Licca is in the top 5 in the whole league for possessions and not one of those have come easily. Also he is a shoe in to win this year's inter-school Heads Down, Thumbs Up competition. Keep up the good work, Paul!

Tarkyn Lockyer
Like Alan, Tarkyn is starting to achieve some of his early career form and like Alan, Tarkyn gets teased a lot by his classmate because of his stupid first name.

Matthew Lokan
Even if his mum filled out a permission note, we wouldn't let Matthew come on an excursion.

Ryan Lonie
The kids tease poor Ryan with this little song. "Ryan Lonie, runs like a pony, plays like a phony, he can't play. Ryan Lonie, runs like a pony, plays like a phony, he is gay." Out of the mouths of babes.....

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