Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nick Davis Still Soft

Loved seeing Bucks get into Nick Davis on Saturday night for ducking his head. Longtime readers will know of my hate for the little prick.

When asked about it, Bucks told The Age:
"There's a lot of mud that's thrown out on the footy field and it only hurts when it sticks, and that's up to the individual that's receiving it how they handle that."

"I get sledged every week and I got sledged on Saturday night for a similar call, but it's how you react to it."

The Age also pointed out:

"Barry Hall sledged Buckley after he also dropped a mark soon after the Davis incident. Buckley continued to have an impact on the game despite Hall's verbal attacks. Davis, however, did not."

Good to see others noticing that Davis can't take the shit talk he so often gives out.

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Glenn said...

Now that he's been thrown out of the Sydney side for complaining about being dropped, getting fat and refusing to speak to his coach on the phone during the game I got only one thing to say.....

I told you so.