Monday, July 03, 2006

Old People Are Ace!

Sitting in the rain watching the Pies being killed reminded me of the olden days at VFL Park.


It's comforting to wallow in the muck knowing Terry Wallace's dirty Tigers will only win one or two more games for the rest of the year. Such things never change. And surely Collingwood won't put on another effort like that in my lifetime.

Why am I so relaxed about yesterday's poo?

Two beautiful acts.

Act 1. Tom Hafey's 774 radio interview before the game. Tom loves reunions. He was talking up how he puts on an annual barbeque for all the 131 players he's ever coached. Tom lives for reunions. A couple of months ago he was invited to Denis Banks' house for dinner. Reckons it was one of the proudest nights in his life because Denis has grown to become such a marvellous person. Tom lives for this stuff. Then he tells us how he calls Peter Daicos fortnightly and that Daics is one of the most fantastic people you can meet. Agreed, Tom. He also loves it when players invite him to their weddings. What a nice bloke.

You're invited to my wedding, Tommy. First I gotta meet some girly up for it but when I do you're first on my list.

My next invite will go to the lady who made Act 2 so special. Half time in the Buntyn Dining Room, me and my usual bunch of irregulars are sitting at a table, gobsmacked at the Pies' rubbish first half. Not much going on until an ancient lady from the table next to us, wearing Swans and Pies colours OFFERS US HER TABLE'S BIG PLATE OF PARTY PIES AND SAUSAGE ROLLS! Her family weren't up for them and she didn't want them to go wasted.

Shocked and charmed, we couldn't refuse.

A few minutes later after the pies were demolished (the Pies we'd come to see were demolished a quarter and a half earlier), the Sydney/Collingwood supporting (yes, who cares) ancient lady GAVE US HER SCONES, JAM AND CREAM!

What a delightful lady!

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