Monday, May 02, 2005

Dreaming Mathematical: Collingwood Can Still Make the Eight

That’s how desperate we’ve become. We’re stuffed and our woe has little to do with injuries.

Shane Woewodin, Matthew Lokan, Ryan Lonie, Dane Swan, David King, Guy Richards and Andrew Williams played in the magoos for Williamstown this week. Why? Because they weren’t good enough to play for the ones. In this list there’s Brownlow winners, bloke who’ve played in Grand Finals, and one who’s lucky not to be in jail.

If they’re not good enough to play, why are they on our list? Sure, you have to give young blokes- Julian Rowe (top game), Nick Maxwell (top game), Travis Cloke (a Cloke who can kick!) and Iacobucci (wasn’t he the camel in Wonder Twins?)- a go but this is a group of seven players. Our injury list consists of six which means a third of our senior list is injured or can’t play.

We were listless, so much so I struggled to stay awake in the last quarter. Lovely day, too much beer and a comfy seat make Glenn a dozy boy. At one point I nodded off and my head fell on the shoulder of the bloke sitting next to me. It was Shane O’Bree.

Shouldn’t you be on the ground?

To answer, the Pies on-baller broke out in song.

“Just a perfect day,
drink sangria in a park,
and then later,
when it gets dark we go home.”

If only it was a dream.

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